Piano Star Skills Builder

Here are audio tracks for the four scale harmonisations and several pieces from Piano Star Skills Builder. These provide an opportunity for the pupil to play-along at home and create a duet on their own!

Each piece has a two-bar ‘count-in’, given by percussion instruments indicating the beat, before the music starts. We’ve selected a reasonable speed for each piece, but you can alter the speed using ABRSM’s Speedshifter app.

We hope you and your pupils find these tracks useful, and that they add to your enjoyment of the book.

David Blackwell and Karen Marshall

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Chase Music

Download an MP3 recording of D melodic minor - Chase music.

Drunken Sailor

Download an MP3 recording of Drunken Sailor duet.

My Strange Zoo

Download an MP3 recording of My Strange Zoo.

Smoothly Sailing

Download an MP3 recording of C major scale - Smoothly sailing.

Contrary Chopsticks

Download an MP3 recording of Contrary Chopsticks.

Jazzy Jaguar

Download an MP3 recording of D harmonic minor - Jazzy jaguar.

Sad Song

Download an MP3 recording of D natural minor - Sad song.

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